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New infant gibbon monkey at Indianapolis Zoo needs a name



Indianapolis, Indiana – The young gibbon that was recently added to the monkey exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo needs a name, and you can help.

The zoo announced on social media on Friday that an online form had been made up for Indiana residents to provide suggestions on what a new baby monkey should be named in honor of National Primate Day on August 31.

Below is a snapshot provided by the zoo of the baby gibbon.

While you may already have some ideas for the baby’s name rolling around in your head, Indy Zoo has already chosen some contenders.

“Our amazing animal care team have confirmed that the baby is a boy and have helped create a list of names for the little one,” the zoo’s post read. “Now, we need YOUR help choosing the best one!”

The potential names for the newborn gibbon? Echo, Emmitt, and Edison.

“Each name starts with the letter ‘E,’ to match with the baby’s father Elliot,” the zoo said. “[This is] similar to our gibbon mother and daughter duo Koko & Kavi.”

Please complete the form found here to cast your vote for your preferred name.

The contest will end on Monday, September 11, according to the zoo, and the winner name will be made public on that day.


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