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Fixed and replenished refrigerators and freezers at Walmart in Minot



Minot, North Dakota – For the past few days, Walmart customers in Minot had to purchase their goods elsewhere.

An employee at the Walmart in Minot said that some food had to be taken out of the cool parts of the store four days ago when the power went off.

However, the refrigerators and freezers are working again and are being refilled.

To maintain the safety of the food temperature, all the pig, beef, poultry, and dairy items were taken out of the freezers. The employee claims that some items were discarded and others were put elsewhere. However, fresh food pallets were being supplied at the store on Sunday, and the refrigerators and freezers are now operational.

According to management, an employee also claimed that the breaker tripping that initially resulted in the power loss had been rectified with a power company.

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