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Former Colts athlete gives neighborhood kids a festive feel



Indianapolis, Indiana – For some youngsters in central Indiana, former Indianapolis Colts cornerback Marlin Jackson is bringing cheer to the holidays.

Frederick Douglass School 19 kids in Indianapolis were treated to a Christmas party on Thursday by Jackson’s Fight for Life Foundation and Toys for Tots. For the holidays, Jackson spent time with each student and gave them each a present.

The Fight for Life Foundation’s goal is to assist young people who are deserving but underprivileged in acquiring the social and emotional skills necessary for success.

Jackson claimed that the foundation’s work was inspired by his personal experiences.

“I had a lot of difficulties growing up, a lot of barriers within my community, within my household. So I know the power of experiences. Of those connections that are made between loving caring adults and children who are in need. And what that can do for you in terms of your spirit, hope and belief, and all those good things that we need to turn into the people we are meant to be,” Jackson said.

Frederick Douglass School 19, according to Indianapolis Public Schools, was selected because it makes use of Jackson’s Building Dreams PBIS Platform.

According to the foundation’s website, “Building Dreams is a two-pronged Social Emotional Learning program that first provides a teacher-implemented curriculum that is designed to teach social and emotional concepts through the analysis of virtues, values, and emotional and character traits. Secondly, the behavior management portion tracks and rewards student’s behavior and class participation.”

IPS says Frederick Douglass School 19 has “some of the highest usage utilizing the platform.”

According to the Fight for Life Foundation, students who take part in the Building Dreams program realize that their choices have an impact on their future.

According to the foundation’s website, “This important realization, coupled with the skills learned in the program, helps students develop the self-awareness and self-control needed for success.”

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