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Former Indianapolis police chief dies



Indianapolis, Indiana – Sheriff of Marion County and former chief of police for Indianapolis, Joseph McAtee, has passed away.

His passing was reported by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Facebook on Saturday. According to IMPD, McAtee’s family, friends, former coworkers, and our community are all in their thoughts and prayers.

At this time, his cause of death remains unknown.

Randal Taylor, the current IMPD chief, responded when he learned of Chief McAtee’s demise:

“Sheriff Joe McAtee hired me as one of his deputies back in 1993. Others that hired on with me in the same class are still working with IMPD—Namely, Commander Phil Burton, Captain Chris Boomershine, Captain Mark McCardia, Sergeant Kelly Weidner, and Sergeant Jeff Breedlove. Sheriff McAtee was a kind and thoughtful leader who leaves a legacy of individual and family public service unmatched in the history of our city. We will miss him.”

Joe Hogsett, the mayor of Indianapolis, also responded via tweet, writing:

Few individuals have done as much to keep our community safe as Joe McAtee. He leaves a legacy of selfless service as sheriff, police chief, and constable; and a grateful community for his decades of leadership.