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Four women arrested for stealing over $3,300 in merchandise at four different stores in Seymour



Seymour, Indiana – Authorities in Seymour were able to arrest four women a couple of days ago, all residing in Indianapolis, who were accused of stealing alcohol from separate local stores.

At around 7:55 on Tuesday, the Seymour Police Department was alerted about a theft that had taken place at Northside Liquors. Shortly after receiving the first report, at around 8 p.m., they were notified that another theft had occurred, this time at a different location, Vicks Liquors.

Authorities started investigating, and not long after they came to the conclusion that the same persons were responsible for both of the thefts. Then they started conducting patrols throughout the area around the liquor stores in an attempt to locate the getaway vehicle, and shortly after that they found a vehicle in the parking lot of Busy Bee Liquors matching the subscription provided by witnesses.

Four females identified as 21-year-old Dea Anderson, 21-year-old Daisha Sargent, 23-year-old Donnicia Barnett, and 28-year-old Porcsha Germany were arrested by Seymour police in connection with the theft.

According to the police’s accounts, the suspects were also found to have stolen products from the store where their vehicle was found. During the course of the investigation, police got another report regarding stolen products from a CVS, which turned out to be connected to the same suspects as in the previous three incidents.

The stolen merchandise, totaling more than $3,300, was recovered and later returned to the businesses.