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Franklin’s first distillery in Johnson County launches a new tasting room



Franklin, Indiana – This weekend, the first distillery in Johnson County will rewrite history by opening a tasting room in Franklin.

Since the Civil War, Franklin has not had a distillery until Haberdasher Artisan Distillery. Owner Brooks Bemis began producing spirits at the Garment Factory Events building back in 2018. It’s a tale that has been developing for years. His name is derived from the word haberdashery, which refers to a traditional men’s clothes store.

“We’re located inside the historic garment factory building here in Franklin where they made everything from World War II fatigues to underwear, to even the Jerseys from the movie ‘Hoosiers,’” Bemis said. “Being in the clothing kind of atmosphere here, we wanted to pick something that was associated with clothing.”

Five years later, he is launching his new location, which has a lounge and bar with full service.

The distillery has a limited selection of culinary items, cocktails, and flights. In addition, Bemis intends to hold small parties and provides private tastings. Our goal is to continue expanding our portfolio and improving our gin and bourbon production. That is roughly what lies ahead.

The company produces gin, whiskey, and hybrid spirits in various varieties. Their website claims that everything, including the grain and the barrels used to age their whiskey, is sourced locally.

In addition to seasonal concoctions like a Pumpkin Spice Old Fashion, patrons may anticipate traditional beverages like an Irish Coffee, Sazerac, or Gin Fizz.

“My wife and I have traveled to various breweries and distilleries over the years, which has inspired us and kind of led to this bank of knowledge,” Bemis remarked. “It’s been inspiration throughout the years of my wife and I traveling to different breweries and distilleries that’s kind of led to this bank of knowledge,” Bemis said. “Now we’re getting to kind of put pen to paper and get to serve some of these cocktails.”

The hours of Haberdasher are 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.



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