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Funeral home in southern Indiana established 150 years ago destroyed by fire



Owensville, Indiana – Because of the damage caused by the fire that ripped through the second floor of the brick building, a funeral home that had stood for close to 150 years was brought down.

The Indiana State Fire Marshal has stated that the blaze broke out early on Sunday morning at the Holder Funeral Home, which is situated in the 300 block of South Main Street in Owensville.

When firefighters from Owensville responded to the fire call at approximately 12:23 in the morning on Sunday, they discovered that the fire had fully involved the second floor of the funeral home. The fire department reported that in the end, the second floor of the funeral home collapsed into the main level before the fire could be put out.

According to reports, the second floor served as the office space.

The state fire marshal reported that the funeral home was a total loss, but he also mentioned that the owners of the Holder Funeral Home took to social media and announced their plans to rebuild the business.

The fire did not result in any reported injuries. The state fire marshal did not provide any information regarding whether or not the funeral home contained any bodies when the fire broke out.

There has been no progress made in determining what started the fire.

The number to call if you are a witness who may have been in the area or seen something before or after the fire was reported is (800) 382-4628. Fire investigators are requesting that you call them.

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