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Police in Greenfield look for two vandals in Riley Park



Greenfield, Indiana – The public’s assistance is needed by Greenfield police to track down the two individuals responsible for this week’s Riley Park vandalism.

The city surveillance camera that was erected at the park was damaged by two individuals wearing black clothing and white masks between 7:30 and 9:30 on Monday night, the Greenfield Police Department reported in an online statement.

According to authorities, the camera showed a video of the thieves damaging a park restroom.

“The two suspects have not been identified at this time. It was dark and we know the images aren’t the best, but we’re confident someone will know who they are,” the bulletin read.

Detective Sgt. Ron Chittum is looking for anyone with information on the vandalism or the suspects. You can reach him by phone at 317-477-4410 or via email.