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Game shop owner reeling after thieves steal hundreds of dollars in cards



Brownsburg, Indiana – Around 4:00 am on Friday, someone broke into Valkyrie’s Vault in Brownsburg and stole 1,600 “Magic the Gathering” cards, according to surveillance footage.

“I was hoping that the door was ajar or something like that, I never expected to find things in disarray on the ground, and then to learn that some really important items had been taken from us,” said Jessi Kahlo, co-owner of Valkyrie’s Vault.

“Magic the Gathering” was created in 1993 and has become a popular card game.

A value energy point is associated with each card. By drawing a stronger card than his or her rival, a player can win.

“For me, it’s less about the card game and more about being able to meet people and talk to people face to face, and how you get to interact with them,” said Austin Oliveira, who started playing Magic a few months ago.

The expensive, rare cards are worth thousands.

“I know somebody who sold a card to a game shop and got almost a thousand dollars out of it. Some of these cards, because they are so rare and there are so little of them printed, they’re just very valuable,” said Oliveira.

Since these cards are so expensive, according to Kahlo, the thieves may have even cased out her shop before breaking in. The trust that has been developed throughout the gaming community is damaged by the crime.

“Because we built this collection off our personal collection and three years of business, the loss hurts,” said Kahlo.

Kahlo claimed that she made calls to other gaming stores in the Midwest to alert them to the possibility that these criminals could try to sell the stolen cards.

The incident is being looked into by the Brownsburg Police Department.