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Hamilton County observes July 4th



Hamilton County, Indiana – The Fourth of July celebrations were in full swing around central Indiana.

In an effort to get the best place for the Noblesville parade and fireworks extravaganza, many people showed up early.

“We are really excited to see all the different parade cars that come through and get candy as they throw it out,” said Kyla Baginiski, one of several people who attended the Noblesville Parade.

Peggy Clark, a local of Noblesville, has attended this march for many years.

“I literally live on the corner of 16th in Logan. The parade starts two blocks down. Thousands of people watch it,” said Clark.

She said today is about more than just having a big party.

“Today is just not about BBQing, drinking, and eating. It’s about our freedom,” said Clark.

The Fourth of July festivities continued after that.

We also went to Rocks the Fourth in Westfield.

Peter Rush, a resident of Westfield, claims he enjoys the holiday’s anticipation.

At the 5th annual Frank’s Franks hot dog eating contest, which he won today, he consumed five dogs in under a minute.

“It’s a mountain top experience hearing everyone cheer for you. It’s just a hot dog eating contest but we come together, and it makes us feel great,” said Rush.

Thousands of people still gathered for fireworks, family, and friends despite the heat.

“It’s all about getting the community together to celebrate our country and values. Showing we can all have a good time,” said Rush.


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