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Heart health event “heart to heart” held by Ascension St. Vincent



Indianapolis, Indiana – The goal of an upcoming event in collaboration with Ascension St. Vincent Hospital is to provide crucial insights into the cardiac health of women.

This significance, as well as the rising concern for heart health in Indiana, was emphasized by Dr. Lindsay Panah, a cardiologist who specializes in maternal health.

“Indiana has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country, and the nation as a whole hasn’t done well when it comes to maternal mortality,” she said. “Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of heart disease or heart complications during pregnancy. It’s important for patients to know that heart disease can happen during pregnancy and they should be aware of the signs.”

Chest pain, limb swelling, and dyspnea during pregnancy are a few of the symptoms associated with Panah. In order to “make sure we’re on the same page entering a pregnancy,” Panah advises anyone with a history of cardiac issues to consult with both an internal fetal medicine physician and a cardiologist prior to becoming pregnant.

Additionally, Panah offers guidance on how to distinguish between the danger indicators and typical pregnancy discomforts.

“A lot of the end stage of pregnancy symptoms can mimic cardiac symptoms. I think that’s when it’s important to alert your provider. If you’re feeling abnormal, listen to your body and make sure you’re alerting your providers so they can do the appropriate testing,” she said.

Panah goes into further detail on the “Heart to Heart” discussion being held at St. Vincent on November 10 and the resources available to help raise awareness of maternal heart health.

To find out more, watch the entire interview above.




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