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Holiday Christmas shopping trends are revealed by new statistics



Indianapolis, Indiana – Even after Cyber Monday and Black Friday have passed, last-minute buyers can still take advantage of the Christmas bargains.

RetailMeNot retail analyst Kristin McGrath spoke with Daybreak on Wednesday on the future of post-holiday shopping as we approach 2024.

In a study of one thousand American consumers, RetailMeNot discovered that 59% of respondents said they intended to shop during upcoming New Year’s sales.

Customers want to purchase at the following 2024 sales events:

• January clearance sales: 68%
• Valentine’s Day sales: 62%
• Presidents’ Day sales: 43%
• Martin Luther King Jr. Day sales weekend: 41%

The average amount spent by shoppers during the New Year’s sales is expected to be $251, with the following products being the most popular purchases:

• Clothing: 42%
• Food and beverages: 34%
• Household supplies: 32%
• Home goods and décor: 30%
• Makeup and skincare: 25%
• Electronics: 22%

“The after-Christmas/New Year sales period is a big one. We see more people shopping during Black Friday and some of the really big ones, but this period and then it also includes the January clearance sales. We are going to see more than half shopping with 68% actually shop in January clearance sales this year,” McGrath said.