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Indiana issues a warning about internet dog scams



Indianapolis, Indiana – Since the outbreak, there has been an increase in online puppy fraud, which has Indiana on high alert.

Since 2019, there has been a 280% surge in online puppy scams, according to the Better Business Bureau. Over 500 complaints have been filed about financial loss or receiving sick or nonexistent puppies.

Recent laws restricting pet store sales in areas like Carmel and Indianapolis are to blame for the increase, as they unintentionally create an unregulated market for con artists.

The Indiana Council for Animal Welfare’s public policy director, Jonathan Lawler, issues a warning about making purchases online, comparing it to “playing Russian roulette,” in a release dated December 20.

He highlights the dangers of funding illegitimate puppy factories and calls for support for moral dog breeding. Lawler cautions websites that tout cheap rates or free shipping and suggests doing extensive research before making a purchase.

In addition, he advises patronizing nearby establishments and ethically conscious breeders; he also recommends selecting Canine Care Certified breeders for their superior quality and stresses the significance of responsible pet ownership.

The Indiana Council for Animal Welfare promotes making educated judgments to stay away from frauds, boost regional economies, and improve the welfare of canines in the state.

Call 463-210-8747 to check breeders and report scams. Call 800-382-5516 to file a consumer complaint with the Indiana Attorney General.




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