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Home-A-Rama returns to Westfield’s Chatham Hills neighborhood



Westfield, Indiana – The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI) Home-A-Rama tour, which made a return to Westfield’s Chatham Hills area this year, attracted thousands of Indiana residents.

The annual celebration also honors BAGI’s 100th anniversary as guests explore exquisite custom residences and learn about the newest developments in house design and technology.

“We are moving into the last weekend of Home-A-Rama. We are very excited to have a record-breaking number of people excited to see the six homes but we also are loving this great weather,” said Steve Lains the CEO of BAGI. “This weather gives us an opportunity to really be able to experience the inside-outside living that is so popular and that’s such a main part of this year’s show given the fact it is at Chatham Hills which is a golf course community and all of these houses go up to the golf course.”

The featured builders for this year are Wedgewood Building Company, Sigma Builders, Carrington Homes, Scott Campbell Custom Homes, and AR Homes.

“Home-A-Rama gives the consumer the opportunity whether you’re looking to buy a new home, remodel, or just buy new furnishings or appliances, it gives the consumer to touch, feel, and see those new things,” Lains said. “We’re excited to help and generate that enthusiasm and activity for the marketplace.”

The Chatham Hills neighborhood will host Home-A-Rama for the third and final time this year. In 2016 and 2018, the event had previously taken place in the area.

“If you feel like you’ve been to the show because you’ve been to Chatam Hills twice, I would tell you not to miss this show. This is the most spectacular golf course views that we’ve had with a wide variety of housing that we’ve had,” Lains explained. “Now it’s a good time as it was a year ago a house. The industry creeps up and gives you something to get you into these houses.”

Visitors may also enjoy local food and beverage vendors in addition to seeing the residences.

The Home-A-last Rama’s weekend, which begins on Thursday, ends on Sunday. Virtual experiences are also available for those who are unable to attend.

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