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Hospitals across the state are changing their visitors’ policies, Columbus Regional Hospital patients not allowed visitations



The recent Covid-19 surge forced hospitals across the country to implement measures and prevent their patients to be exposed to the deadly virus and Indiana hospitals are slowly changing their visiting policies.

The last Indiana hospital to change their visiting policies is the Columbus Regional Hospital announcing new policies to take effect starting August 14.

According to the announcement, Columbus Regional is now allowing one visitor for COVID-positive or COVID rule-out patients on the non-critical-care inpatient units. The decision came after a continued high number of Covid-positive admissions, hospital officials say.

Following the new policies, the visiting hours have been also changed now allowing visitors from 4-6 p.m. only.

COVID-positive ICU patients are not allowed to have visitors, but the hospital says there will be exceptions for end-of-life situations or other circumstances deemed therapeutic by the healthcare team.

Additionally, COVID-positive and COVID rule-out patients in the Emergency Department may have one visitor per day each with travel limited to going to the patient’s room.

The hospital says all other visitation guidelines remain the same.