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Workers shortage in the state continues despite all the efforts, Carmel Clay Schools change schedule due to bus drivers shortage



Indiana – The workers shortage issue in Indiana continues despite all the measures taken in the past few months by the officials and businesses are still struggling to find workers they need.

The latest on the list to struggle with workers are the Carmel Clay Schools who have to change their transportation routes and schedule as a result of bus drivers shortage.

Just before the beginning of the upcoming school year, almost all children should expect changes in the routes as a result of the issue.

According to the latest information, Carmel Clay Schools are short about 50 bus drivers as of today. As a result of this, not only that many children will see changes in the routes, but those living within a mile of the schools will have to find their own transportations. These zones are now called “no bus zones”.

“Carmel is an amazing school system,” Michelle Goins, a parent said. “We have great educators, but I definitely didn’t think we were going to have an issue with bussing.”

“We live about a mile away. We have a five-year-old and the idea is that he’s either going to have to walk, ride his bike, or we’re going to have to bring him to school,” Andrew Flittner, another parent explained. “Because of the new bus zone, my wife and I, we both work, and we’re going to be taking our little guy…walking him to school every day or giving him a ride here.”

He added that he is not the only one claiming many other parents will face issues and have concerns how their children will go to and back from school in the afternoon. According to him, many people drive pretty fast in the school zone areas especially in the morning.

However, Carmel Clay Schools said they are doing everything they can and they are aware of the problem. Officials said they are already working in installing at least nine new crosswalks with lights and they will ask the local police department to increase traffic enforcement in school zones.

“We want to solve this problem but they are not going to be able to hire the bus drivers right away. At some point it’s going to get colder, at some point it’s going to get darker, so having this plan in place really helps everybody,” Adam Aasen with the Carmel City Council, Southeast District said.

Carmel Clay Schools officials said the bus drivers shortage has been an issue for years now, the pandemic just made it worse. They hope they can hire as many drivers as possible in the upcoming period and announced they already have 12 applicants ready to take the required tests.

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