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I Support the Girls, a global network of Vibe Yoga Studio, donates menstruation items to the homeless community



Bloomington, Indiana – This September, Vibe Yoga Studio will be gathering menstruation goods in collaboration with I Support the Girls Bloomington.

An international network called I Support the Girls provides bras, underwear, and menstrual items to homeless women and other people.

“If you’re in a situation where you’re low income and you have to choose between buying food and tampons…women are in that situation all the time,” Marsha Lovejoy, founder of I Support the Girls Bloomington, said.

Each month, Vibe Yoga Studio partners with a nearby nonprofit to present “Yoga in Action.” The weekly hot flow yoga session, which is part of the monthly cooperation, is offered at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays. Rather than paying the regular class price, attendees can choose to donate to I Support the Girls in order to get entrance.

At Vibe Yoga Studio, a drop-in session usually costs $20.

“We want to be able to lower the barriers for entry into a studio space as well as give our students who practice there a connection with the community and educate them on opportunities to either volunteer or support,” Laura Patterson, founder of Vibe Yoga Studio, said.

I Support the Girls Bloomington has contributed over 30,000 things since its founding in 2016, according to Lovejoy. Donations of these goods are made to regional charity organizations, including Middle Way House, Pantry 279, and the Indiana Recovery Alliance. According to Julie Pemberton, the Indiana Recovery Alliance’s development and operations assistant, Lovejoy arranged a partnership with her group in June.

“I could not believe that within hours the same day she contacted us she had her whole vehicle loaded up with boxes and boxes and boxes of donations,” Pemberton said.

Lovejoy uses her garage to house the I Support the Girls affiliate in Bloomington. As many local companies and NGOs as she can, according to Lovejoy, is what she attempts to collaborate with each year.

“I never thought I would be talking about tampons on Facebook as much as I do,” Lovejoy said.

Those who attend the donation-based class at Vibe Yoga Studio may give any amount, either with cash or a credit or debit card. They might also bring in a minimum of two dollars in donations.

“Everyone should be able to practice yoga,” Patterson said.


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