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Indiana has some of the lowest coffee prices, according to a study



Indiana – Indiana was found to be among the least expensive places in the US to purchase a cup of coffee, according to a study that examined the average cost of coffee across the country to see which state pays the highest price.

According to the survey, the Hoosier State costs $2.21 for a cup of coffee, ranking it as the 43rd most expensive state.

Regarding our neighbors, the cost of a cup of coffee in Illinois is $2.44, ranking it 30th on the list, and in Kentucky, it is $2.25, ranking 41st.

Hawaii, on the other hand, has the most expensive coffee, with an average cup costing $3.76. Meanwhile, Alabamans spend $1.88 for the lowest coffee in the entire country.

According to researchers, information was obtained by extracting and examining menus from more than 5,000 US coffee shops located in every state, using The average price of coffee, including different sizes, is included in the results; alcoholic coffee beverages are not included. Additional information about cappuccino costs was also gathered from Numbeo.