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Winter Pickleball Festival to take place at Grand Park Sports Campus



Westfield, Indiana – The Grand National Racquet Center has scheduled a Winter Pickleball Festival in Grand Park in Westfield for the last two weeks of December.

A joint effort by The GNRC, pickleball pro-John Moorin, Legacy Sports Group, Grand Park Sports Campus, and the Association of Pickleball Players (APP), this event includes four tournaments, clinics, open play, and corporate outings.

The Grand Park Activities Center will feature significant competitions and activities as part of the Holiday Pickleball Festival, offering players a distinctive location to play during the slower season for the indoor facility. Even though GNRC isn’t expected to open until 2025, owner Birch Dalton sees a chance to introduce Pickleball to Westfield earlier than expected.

“Using the Grand Park Events Center now makes sense to help attract major tournaments and events in the future,” Dalton said. “We know that a tremendous asset like Grand Park will create a unique experience for pickleball players.”

The inaugural Midwest Open and U.S. Collegiate Championship will take place at Grand Park from January 3–7, 2024, following the festival. Professional-caliber pickleball courts will be available for both events; 24 courts will be spread around an indoor soccer field.

Scheduled Tournaments:

• Dec. 16, Winter Pickleball Team Smash: Co-ed adult teams of all levels can participate in this tournament hosted by Elevate Sports.
• Dec. 18, Pickleball 4 Parkinson’s: A fundraising tournament benefiting the Indiana Parkinson’s Foundation.
• Dec. 20, Wine, Women & Pickleball: An event where women can enjoy pickleball while supporting the Little Red Door Cancer Agency with a glass of wine.
• Dec. 28 & 29, Midwest High School Pickleball Tournament: High school teams from Indiana and surrounding states can compete in this tournament.

Apart from the planned competitions, the event will include chances to rent out open play courts, workshops, and business collaborations for organizing competitions or staff trips.

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