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Indiana is listed as one of the “10 worst states in America to live and work in.”



Indianapolis, Indiana – Indiana was listed among “America’s 10 worst states to live and work in.”

On CNBC’s annual list, Indiana was ranked as the seventh-worst state to live and work in. The article added “With fewer than 10 licensed childcare facilities per 100,000 residents, the Hoosier State is making it hard for some families to fully participate in the workforce. It is the second-worst figure in the nation (behind Louisiana), according to the advocacy group Child Care Aware. Protections against discrimination under state law are limited as well.”

The list includes criteria for inclusion, voting rights, reproductive rights, protections against discrimination, childcare quality and accessibility, as well as aspects of daily living (such as crime rates, environmental quality, and health care).

Indiana received a life, health, and inclusiveness score from CNBC of 113 out of 350 points, or a D- on their scale. Indiana placed eighth on the list for 2022 and received 102 out of a possible 325 points, or an F.

The level of crime in Indiana was cited as an asset. The list of shortcomings included childcare and inclusiveness. Indiana’s inclusiveness was listed as a weakness on both the 2022 and 2023 lists.

As “better” states, Florida, Arkansas, and Tennessee were ranked 10th, ninth, and eighth, respectively. Missouri was ranked sixth, Alabama and South Carolina tied for fourth, Louisiana third, Oklahoma second, and Texas first in the list of states that were “worse” than Indiana.

Additionally, CNBC published a list of “America’s 10 best states to live and work in.” Connecticut is ranked tenth, Massachusetts and Colorado are tied for eighth, Washington is seventh, Oregon is sixth, Hawaii is fifth, Minnesota is fourth, New Jersey is third, Maine is second, and Vermont is first on that list.

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