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Indiana is not exempt from the nationwide trend of rising gas costs



Indianapolis, Indiana – If you just filled up your car, you are already aware that petrol prices are once again on the rise. The American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that Indiana’s average gas price per gallon is $3.82.

Gas prices are anticipated to continue to rise as of Tuesday.

“It’s very challenging because it’s hard to keep up with the gas prices,” driver Jerard Lorick said. “The more it goes up, the less I can do.”

The price of fuel has increased each of the previous seven weeks, according to Gas Buddy, a program that helps users find the best gas deals in their area.

“It’s frustrating because you never know how much it will be from one day to the next,” driver Tom Marshall said.

“I don’t take as many trips, so I plan ahead when I need to go to the store.”

Some stations charge almost $4 for a gallon of gas. An average gallon of petrol currently costs around 16 cents more than it did last summer.

“A lot of stations are now at $3.99,” Gas Buddy’s Patrick DeHaan said. “That’s about 16 cents above where we were a year ago.”

According to DeHaan, there are a number of causes for the current spike in gas prices, with the fall in Saudi Arabian and Russian oil output standing out as the main culprit.

DeHaan also mentioned that the intense heat that has affected the southern region of the country has caused production interruptions at significant U.S. refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

With Petrol Buddy, Google, or Waze, you can see where to find the cheapest petrol. According to DeHaan, several stations also provide loyalty programs that can let customers to save five to ten cents per gallon.

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