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Indiana man gets 65-year sentence for his son’s mistreatment and murder



Bloomington, Indiana – A father from Indiana was given a 65-year prison term for starving his 12-year-old son to death and assaulting him.

Nothing could excuse the physical torture and deprivation of food and drink that Luis Eduardo Posso Jr. inflicted on his small kid, according to Monroe Circuit Judge Christine Talley Haseman on Friday.

Eduardo Posso was subjected to cruel treatment, and Haseman exhibited pictures of the youngster from just a few years apart before announcing her verdict.

By the time of his death in 2019, Eduardo was the size of an average 4-year-old and had endured beatings from his father and stepmother that included punching, slapping, kicking, shocking with a dog collar, and chaining.

Posso’s behavior was “incomprehensible, heinous, and cruel,” she said.

When Posso admitted guilt to murder in June, the prosecution decided against seeking a life sentence without the possibility of parole and dropped the charges of violence, negligence, and criminal confinement.

Dayana Medina-Flores, his wife, admitted to the murder and was given the same punishment in 2021 in connection with the passing of her stepson.

People in Indiana who are given the maximum 65-year prison sentence for murder typically spend three-fourths of their sentence, or approximately 49 years, according to The Herald-Times.

Public defender Kyle Duffer, Posso’s legal representative, announced that he would appeal the judge’s ruling.