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Indianapolis police target street racing events



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Indiana State Police have both been interested in the nationwide trend of street racing.

Throughout the past year, ISP and IMPD have controlled operations to target the neighborhood street racing activity, leading to more than 40 arrests and the recovery of 80 stolen automobiles.

On March 4, three locations in the Indianapolis region saw nine people arrested as a consequence of the most recent street racing operation. Investigators learned of a planned spinning incident that may have involved more than 100 vehicles.

Spinning is the practice of performing donuts in a car in a parking lot, junction, street, or park.

A private parking lot close to 34th and Lafayette was one of the March 4 targets. The incident caused significant damage to the parking lot. Before the incident, the parking lot’s owner paid over $60,000 to paint and resurface it.