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To support Lung Cancer research, the Fight for Air Climb aims to raise $275,000



Indianapolis, Indiana – Several Indiana residents are devoting time to spreading the word about lung cancer.

The American Lung Association Indiana is holding its annual “Battle for Air Climb” this weekend. A challenge to climb 47 flights of steps at the Salesforce Tower in downtown Indianapolis is being taken on by nearly 500 people.

To raise $275,000 is the target for this year’s struggle for air climb. With the ultimate goal of curing lung cancer, this money will be used for research.

One local doctor tells why she is participating in her first “Battle for Air Climb” and why she finds this event to be so essential.

”I lost my father to lung cancer, so it’s important to my family,” Dr. Misty Shields with the American Lung Association Indiana said. “This research really helps advance the cure for lung cancer and the knowledge and research so we can have patients live longer and be with their families for longer.”


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