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Indianapolis Urban League previews voting rights event



Indianapolis, Indiana – In order to prepare voters for the forthcoming election, members of the Indianapolis Urban League will organize a public discussion on Monday night.

The “The Truth About the Booth” event’s goal is to educate individuals about their rights and the value of voting.

The dialogue will be moderated by a group called The Exchange. Members of The Exchange, the Indianapolis Urban League’s young professionals division, range in age from 21 to 40.

On Monday, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., IUL will hold “The Truth About the Booth Voting Rights Discussion” at the Amp at 16 Tech, 1220 Waterway Boulevard, Indianapolis.

On Monday, Daybreak welcomed Kelly Doucet, president of The Exchange, and Allissa Impink, co-chair of Civic Engagement, to discuss the occasion.

“Our goal is to do professional and personal development and social networking opportunities, but we are doing a really big push in advocacy and civic engagement, particularly when it comes to young black professionals in Indianapolis. So that is most of our goal in making sure that young black professionals in Indianapolis feel welcome and that they have an opportunity to feel like they belong here as well. And belonging means voicing your opinions by voting,” Doucet said.

A panel of community organizations will discuss the voting process, voting rights, and the significance of casting a ballot in every election at the event on Monday.

“We really want to ensure that everyone has a wonderful community to reside in, whether that’s education, whether that’s affordable housing or that’s equitable economic mobility, and all of that is determined by who we choose to vote and lead for us here in Indianapolis. We want to ensure that all of our young professionals are aware of what to vote, how to vote, who to vote for, when to vote. We want to ensure that they come this evening so that they can ensure that they have the advocacy and all the information that they need to cast their vote,” Impink said.


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