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Indy City Market merchants given date to move out



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Indianapolis City Market vendors were aware that bad news was on the way.

The local council unveiled a new plan for the historic local Market and the surrounding land last summer. The block would be transformed into 400 housing units, retail space, and market renovation through a $200 million private-public collaboration.

The merchants would have to leave as the market was being built.

The traders were summoned to a conference on Wednesday.

“They had us sign in… and then they just told us, ‘Uh… we’re going to shut down March 1st. You have to be out by March 15th,’” said Barbara Barrett, who owns Jack’s Barber Shop.

Barrett declares with assurance that she will locate her firm downtown.

She immediately said, “Yes,” when asked if she would rather stay in the City Market. I adore this location.

Atif Selwanes, whose Cath Coffee shop provides him and his family with their only source of income, is less certain about moving.

“To find a good location for a reasonable price, I don’t know if it’s gonna happen just to sell coffee for cheap prices and really high quality,” said Selwanes.

About half of the market’s shop spaces are occupied. At midday, foot traffic increases, although it disappeared swiftly today.

“It gets you by, but kinda slow,” noted Aaron Brown, proprietor of AB Kitchen, adding the market “needs an update.”

Before this week’s announcement, Brown had already begun looking for locations for his restaurant and catering service.

In addition to being asked to complete surveys, each merchant has been allowed to talk with city officials one-on-one regarding their decision to leave the market. Additionally, the city has waived the retailers’ January and February rent.

That will let the merchants save a little cash while they consider their options for the future of their companies once they vacate the City Market in the coming year.





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