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Indy’s south side is seeing the construction of a new Tesla factory



Indianapolis, Indiana – Across Indianapolis, significant industrial projects are under progress, with one of these new constructions coming to the south side of the city where a new Tesla factory is being developed.

“They’re building a combination of a maintenance and sales facility,” said Kevin Brinegar, the president and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. ”This is a good deal. This is further putting Indiana’s stake in the ground with respect to electric vehicles.”

On County Line Road, this new facility will be close to the I-65 access. The Metropolitan Development Commission of the city gave its approval to the development plans earlier this year, and now that construction has begun, the plans are becoming a reality.

“I am actually excited to see it,” said Savannah Whitted, an Indianapolis resident. “I feel like they’ve been doing a lot of construction around me, and it definitely looks nicer. I feel like the area is going to show a bit more.”

The construction of Tesla’s factory coincides with a surge in demand for electric vehicles. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that during the previous ten years, the number of electric vehicles on the road has increased from 22,000 to over 2 million, and that number is still rising.

“It’s going to be interesting to watch in 10, 20, 25 years from now whether the majority of cars are gas-powered, electric-powered, or hydrogen-powered,” Brinegar said.

People who live nearby claim that this facility is just one more initiative that will aid the city’s continued growth and prosperity. This facility is one of many infrastructure projects now underway throughout the city.

“I think adding new places, which is what they have been doing recently, is actually a good idea,” Whitted said. “It can bring in a lot of income for a lot of different people and it can provide new opportunities for people.”

The opening day for the Tesla factory has not yet been determined.