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Juvenile shot and injured elderly woman at a store parking lot in front of her stepson, then went after her and shot her multiple times until she finally died



Аs we live in a world full of crime and we are not sure when all this will stop and finally start to feel safe and secure, what additionally worries us is that in most of the crimes juveniles are involved or they are the ones who commit the crime.

The number of juveniles arrested for crime is constantly increasing since 2009, matter of fact, juveniles were involved in one quarter of all serious violent crimes in 2020.

Recently, one more juvenile was arrested for committing serious crime.

The 17-year old juvenile was arrested for killing a 70-year-old lady while waiting the grocery store she worked in to open in front of the eyes of her stepson in Chicago.

August 16th was supposed to be just another ordinary day in the life of the 70-year-old lady Yvonne R. She got up in the morning and as usual, drank coffee with her boyfriend who later walked her to the car to go to work, but neither she nor her husband assumed that something horrific would happen to her.

Yvonne’s boyfriend, friends and acquaintances said she was a kind person who made people happy every day, a person who would help everyone, a person who enjoyed being in the company of her grandchildren.

Her boyfriend, Phil M., also said that she was the kind of person who liked to stay busy and despite being a retired city worker, she went to work at a grocery store.

In the early morning of August 16th, she went to work and never came back. Yvonne was ambushed and fatally shot while waiting at a parking lot in front of the store she worked in and in front of the eyes of her stepson who was passing by and wanted to say hi.

According to the police two men approached her vehicle shooting her once, and despite being shot she was able to drive down the street, but struck at a street sign and came to a halt. The suspects chased her down the street and shot her several times.

Yvonne was taken to a hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead.

Her family, friends and boyfriend still can’t reconcile with the loss.

The 17-year-old juvenile has been charged with premediated murder and is facing 40 years prison sentence.

Police is still searching for the second suspect.

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