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Lebanon involved in a disagreement regarding construction access for the Lilly development



Lebanon, Indiana — Residents of the surrounding area and members of the Lebanon City Council got together on Monday night to talk about a potential new development that would be built by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Co.

The proposed development wants to use Witt Road as the access road for construction.

The Boone County Preservation Group was open to the idea of vacating the road in exchange for the establishment of an alternative. A different route that heads west was given the green light by the Lebanon Plan Commission one week ago. Nevertheless, it would appear that the compromise won’t be accepted.

Jim Love, of the Preservation Group, said “So, now we’re back to the drawing board and having to prove our point again, which is quite a shame because the only way we’re going to get this done is through compromise … if the community had done just that. Apparently, we didn’t compromise enough and it just went completely their way.”

Other plans call for a path that goes to the east and would require slow-moving agricultural vehicles to cross railroad tracks twice. This poses a significant safety risk that could result in the loss of lives.