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Local LGBTQ advocates rejoice over the victory of the Respect for Marriage Act



Indianapolis, Indiana — LGBTQ activists in the area are celebrating the Respect for Marriage Act while also searching for additional protections for the group.

Due to supreme court decisions, same-sex marriage and interracial unions are currently permitted in every state; but, if any of these decisions were ever reversed, many states would cease to grant marriage licenses to either of these two groups. According to this law, a marriage that is performed in another state will be recognized even in the state where the marriage would not be done.

Alan Witchey, the President and CEO of the Damien Center said, “If you were for instance married in California but marriage equality does not no exist in Indiana or Alabama and you were coming and moving to those states they would have to recognize your marriage.”

Witchey stated that he favors further safeguards, such as requiring that same-sex unions be performed in every state.

“I hope to go even further the next time and assure that marriage equality is legal in every single state and it is protected regardless,” Witchey said. “But this is a wonderful step along the path and it is tremendous regardless.”

Other LGBTQ advocacy organizations applaud this law. After the measure passed, a statement was released by Catholic Allies, an Indianapolis-based organization working to improve the culture of LGBTQ people inside the Catholic Church.

Witchey acknowledged that there is still much to be done to safeguard individuals for who they are in all contexts, including employment and housing, but added it is time to rejoice over this victory.

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