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Man, 78, is pulled from lake by onlookers, including a former Indy 500 driver



Indianapolis, Indiana – A group of onlookers, including a former Indianapolis 500 driver, are being praised by the Indianapolis Fire Department for their “heroic actions” after they pulled a 78-year-old man unconscious from a lake on Monday afternoon.

The IFD Dive Rescue Team was called to several reports of an unresponsive male in the water off the 8200 block of Clearwater Pointe at around 4:45 on Monday. That is located in a gated neighborhood off East 82nd Street on Indianapolis’ northeast side.

When firefighters arrived, they discovered that the man had been plucked from the water by Kimberly Bogle, Matthew Brabham’s fiance and the driver of the 2016 Indy 500.

The rescue effort included help from a nearby UPS driver and Geoff and Roseina Brabham’s parents. Former racer Geoff Brabham made 10 appearances in the Indy 500 between the 1980s and 1990s.

According to Bogle, while kayaking with her friend Riley Quillen, they discovered an empty boat in the middle of the lake.

A seat-like floating object with no person was there next to the empty boat. After looking over the boat, the two discovered the 78-year-old man asleep and submerged.

With a pool noodle in his hands, Bogle leaped from the boat and dragged the victim to a floating dock 100 yards away. Bogle also instructed Quillen to take the boat to the neighborhood house of Geoff and Roseina and dial 911.

Bogle and the man arrived at the dock before Quillen arrived back with Geoff and Roseina. The UPS deliveryman who had fled from the residence where he had been making a delivery also helped them.

Before emergency personnel could arrive, the gang saved the man’s life by pulling him from the water and administering first aid. By 5:26 p.m., medical personnel had the man under control.

For treatment, the individual was brought to a Community Heart and Vascular Hospital.

It is unknown how long the man stayed underwater, according to investigators.

On Monday night, there was no immediate word on the man’s condition.