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Man stabs woman multiple times to death while she was running down the apartment complex and screaming from help, doorbell camera caught the whole incident



Everyone should be very cautious when it comes to sharing an apartment with people you don’t know and these situations have turned out to end up bad any many occasions. In today’s case, a man killed two other people that he had been sharing the apartment with for no apparent reason and the incident was caught on doorbell camera.

The incident occurred late August when the suspect, identified as the C. Stokes, was caught on doorbell camera in New Jersey apartment complex stabbing multiple times one of the victims until she died. From what can be seen from the video, the woman was running downstairs screaming for help while the killer was following her with a knife in his hand.

The victim was identified as the 44-year-old L. Avery and the police said she shared the apartment with the suspect. The police added that Stokes allegedly killed a third person, 67-year-old S. Gunter, who was also living in the apartment together with the Stokes and Avery. Her dead body was found in the apartment after deputies responded at the scene.

The doorbell video shows how brutal Stokes was and it will be used as evidence in court. Stokes “approached Avery and began to stab her multiple times until she fell to the floor,” a detective wrote in the affidavit. “At this time, Stokes continued to stab her,” the detective wrote.

The local police department received a 911 call in regards to a woman stabbed in the apartment complex. When deputies arrived at the scene, the found the woman suffering multiple stab wounds, but was still alive.

She was immediately transferred to hospital for treatment, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival despite doctor’s efforts to save her life.

Deputies then headed to the victim’s apartment where they found the second victim’s dead body in the living room. According to police, she was also stabbed multiple times to death.

The suspect was located down the street and he was arrested without incident. The knife that he used to stab both of the victims was found just 20 feet from where the officers located the suspect. The suspect clothes were all covered in blood. He was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and several weapons offenses, according to police and prosecutors.

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