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Mask mandates in schools are getting back in place once again as Covid-19 spreads like crazy in some areas



Hendricks County, Indiana – Mask mandates in schools are becoming real thing once again across the state since the Covid-19 positivity rates are much higher of what they used to be in last couple of weeks.

According to latest reports, all the students, teachers and school staff in Avon schools are now once again required to wear face masks while in schools, officials announced on Wednesday.

The new requirement comes as Hendricks County remains in the red category on the state’s COVID-19 metrics map.

The new face mask requirement follows the school district’s COVID-19 protocols.

The most recent Covid-19 data shows that the positivity rate in the area is much compared to some other parts of the state, sitting at 16%.

That was more than enough for the school officials to once again implement the face mask mandate in schools in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

Hendricks County needs to return to the orange category for two straight weeks for the mask requirement to drop.

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