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Monroe County does better in terms of Covid-19 cases compared to other counties because of the mask mandate



Monroe County, Indiana – Masks are working against Covid-19. This has been confirmed in numerous studies and situations and the latest proof is directly Monroe County since it does better in terms of new Covid-19 cases lately compared to the other counties. The only reason for this trend is the mask mandate businesses have in place in the area.

The Indiana Department of Health keeps track of COVID-19 infection rates by county using a color-coded map to show each county’s advisory level.

As of this article being published, most counties are at a two and a half or three. Monroe County is one of those counties and is among the few that still have mask mandate in place. The positivity rate in the county sits at 10%.

Local residents also believe that the active mask mandates businesses have in place in Monroe County are providing the results. According to Lynzy Finnegan who lives in Bloomington and works at a store, majority of their customers are wearing masks which keeps safe both other customers and store workers. Is a situation where the store workers are in constant contact with other people, customers, wearing masks is very positive thing.

Madison Anderson, another Bloomington resident, says that their company gave the options to the customer to wear or not to wear masks. However, almost all of the customers wear face masks when they enter the premises.

Businesses in Bloomington make it clear with signs as you walk in. They expect everyone who comes into their establishment to have on a mask.

Finnegan and Anderson are among many other local residents who believe that the face mask mandates and requirements indoors are the major reason why Monroe County has better Covid-19 situation currently compared to the majority of the counties across the state.

“It seems to be working. If you look at the numbers, it obviously makes sense,” Finnegan said

“Everybody where I work has not gotten Covid. We’ve all been Covid safe and negative since the pandemic. We haven’t had any issues,” Anderson said about her job as a stylist.

The also encourage other people to get vaccinated against the virus and additionally improve their safety and make safer environment for their family member and friends. The vaccine against the virus combined with wearing safe mask and some other Covid-19 measures are the best combination for lower Covid-19 numbers and slower spread of the virus.

“If you can get vaccinated, that’s awesome and if you don’t get vaccinated or can’t get vaccinated, keep wearing your masks and just keep people safe. I love that Bloomington is a super safe place for that,” Anderson said.

Despite having better numbers compared to other counties, the daily numbers are rising in Monroe County as we are probably entering new, winter Covid-19 wave.

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