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Monroe County announces a local disaster emergency and reinstates the burn prohibition



Monroe County, Montana – Due to the drought, Monroe County on Monday imposed a fire restriction and declared a local disaster emergency. The prohibition was announced by Penny Githens, head of the Monroe County Board of Commissioners. Until additional directive from the board, the ban is in effect until November 20.

The prohibition was put in place to safeguard the residents and property in Monroe County, which is vulnerable to several fire threats.

Beginning on November 13, campfires and other recreational fires are forbidden unless they are contained within a fire ring, which must be at least 23 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height. All forms of open burning are prohibited, with the exception of grills powered by propane or charcoal briquettes. Burning trash and using burn barrels for open burning at residential buildings are also prohibited.

It is highly recommended by the proclamation that citizens use fewer fireworks. It is not recommended to remove charcoal from approved barbecues until the charcoal has completely burned out.

The main executive officer of a political subdivision has the authority to declare a local disaster emergency and launch an emergency response, according to Indiana code.


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