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Monroe County plans on changing speed limits



Bloomington, Indiana – After the Monroe County Traffic Commission and the Board of Commissioners approved changes, Various speed limits around Bloomington will be changed based on current traffic patterns and infrastructure.

The Traffic Commission talked about the Highland Park Estates subdivision at a May 19 meeting. A few roads in the subdivision will reduce the speed limit to 25 miles per hour, due to an interconnected subdivision scheduled for construction.

According to Lisa Ridge, the highway director for Monroe County, a sign recommendation can happen either by a county highway engineer’s inspection or by a citizen’s proposal.

The Monroe County Traffic Commission and the Board of Commissioners must approve all changes, she said.

On June 8, the Board of Commissioners met and unanimously approved the changes. Citizens can still comment and view the proposal for two weeks before implementation begins.

The County Commissioners’ agenda included making changes on Hunter’s Creek Road between Ind. 446 and Tower Ridge Road as well as Ison Road West and Tower Road. On Hunter’s Creek Road, the speed limit will increase to 35 miles per hour, and at Ison Road West and Tower Road, the yield sign will move to the southbound side of the intersection. Similarly, the County Commissioners approved lowering the speed limit on a portion of Rockport Road between State Road 37 and the Bloomington city limits to 30 miles per hour.

According to Ridge, the decision was made in order to match the speed limit of the road entering Bloomington’s jurisdiction.

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