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More than a thousand residents still without power Thursday morning, storms across Central Indiana cause issues for residents



Indiana – Thousands of residents and at least three schools reportedly were left without power on Wednesday.

According to reports, more than 28,700 customers were left without power as a result of the Central Indiana storms on Wednesday. However, AES Indiana additionally said that the number of people without power was brought to 1,583 until Thursday morning.

“Safety is AES Indiana’s top priority during this restoration process. Crews are working to repair significant damage to power lines and equipment,” Kelly Young, public relations director for AES Indiana, said in an email. “When our customers’ lights go out, AES Indiana has two objectives: get the power back on as soon as possible and keep everyone safe in the process.”

AES Indiana said that people who experience issues with the power in their homes are required to call 317.261.8111 to report the issue. They also provided live map of power outages to serve their customers.

Duke Energy also reported that they have at least 25 power outages leaving hundreds of customers without power on Wednesday. As of Thursday morning, they were still working to continue with the power distribution. This is their live power outage map.

I&M reported less than 22 customers without power as of 12:34 p.m. Wednesday At 5:05 a.m. Thursday, the outage map reported nine outages in the Fort Wayne area. Their outage map is available here.

A total of 49 power outages were reported on Wednesday from residents in Morgan, Brown and Monroe Counties, the South Central Indiana REMC. As of Thursday morning, all of them were fixed.

At least three schools went powerless on Wednesday.

According to reports, one of those was Scecina Memorial High School. Students that drive to school were released from duties, while parents were told they can take their children from school before the dismissal time at 3:10 p.m.

Power was lost at Harrison Hill Elementary, Belzer Middle School and Lawrence Central High School, and all three schools are dismissing early, according to a message from the district. Students from Harrison Hill will be dismissed and transported home beginning at noon. Students at Belzer Middle School and Lawrence Central High School will be dismissed and transported home beginning at 1 PM. Parents who are who able to pick up their child/children are asked to do so.

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