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Mozel Sanders Foundation is getting ready for its 52nd Thanksgiving meal



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Mozel Sanders Foundation is providing a warm Thanksgiving meal for thousands of Hoosiers on Thursday.

The annual Thanksgiving feast hosted by the Mozel Sanders Foundation has demonstrated for more than 50 years that food can satiate more than just hunger.

“Aw, this is big. I’m excited for it to come, and I’m excited to celebrate, to have another successful year,” said Stephen Sanders, the CEO of the Mozel Sanders Foundation.

Thousands of volunteers come together annually to provide a delectable Thanksgiving meal to hungry Hoosiers.

The organization claims that 5,000 pounds of chicken will be prepared.

Dinners of pulled chicken with gravy, stuffing, green beans, cookies, and more were planned starting on Wednesday.

“It’s going to take about approximately 50 pans for 4,000 people, so we’re going to try to put a dent in that today,” said Sanders.

Over fifty years ago, the Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church started this unique custom.

The Indiana Historical Society claims that everything began in 1974 when Reverend Dr. Mozel Sanders, the organization’s founder, noticed a need and provided assistance to a small group of people.

As word spread, the charity provided food for 30,000 students at Arsenal Tech High School in 1996.

The organization served one millionth meal in 2021.

For the 19th year, they are teaming up with Butler University this year to assist in feeding thousands more hungry people.

“We wouldn’t be able to do this without volunteers. At least a thousand, just being at different satellite locations, helping us and donations. Like all of this is a city-wide effort. We couldn’t do it without the city of Indianapolis,” said Sanders.

Stephen, the grandson of Mozel Sanders, and his mother Stephanie currently serve as the group’s leaders.

Stephen expresses excitement for the organization’s future.

“I think my grandfather never expected that. It only started with as a mustard-seed vision,” Stephen said. “As a matter of fact, he may not even had a vision for it to be a foundation. His son actually, my father, became the pastor after he passed, and in the 90s he made it a foundation and now that’s why we’re here sustaining the legacy.”

According to the nonprofit, more than 10,000 people in need received hot meals from them last year. They hope to feed thousands more people this year.

















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