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Nine people were hurt in the incident in Lawrence, including four children



Indianapolis, Indiana – Four children were among the nine injured parties who were transported to the hospital following a two-car collision in Lawrence on Thursday morning.

The deputy chief of the Lawrence Police Department, Gary Woodruff, told News 8 that shortly before nine in the morning, police were called to a significant collision between a maroon minivan and a silver passenger car in the 10700 block of Pendleton Pike.

The collision occurred not far from the intersection of Sunnyside Road and East 59th Street.

When the police arrived, they found nine injured persons. Four of the victims were young people, ranging in age from three to nine. Riley Hospital for Children received all of the kids for assessment. We don’t know their conditions.

One of the passengers in the silver passenger car was reportedly brought to the hospital in critical condition, according to the police.

According to Woodruff, the driver of the silver passenger car did an unlawful U-turn and collided with the maroon minivan while the vehicle was traveling east on Pendelton Pike.

Woodruff attested to the fact that a Lawrence police officer had glass cuts while helping a victim. His arm had sustained some minor injuries, so he was brought to the hospital for treatment.

The crash is still being investigated, according to the police.