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Private cadaver search for Fox Hollow Farm victims



Indianapolis, Indiana – “Fox Hollow Farms” in Westfield will be searched by cadaver dogs seeking possible victims of a serial killer from the early 1990s. Although they are not involved with the search, the Hamilton County Coroner’s office verifies it.

The coroners confirmed to WISH-TV that the farm owner will conduct a separate and private search on Sunday morning. According to officials, cadaver dogs will be brought to the farm to look for the remains of possible Herb Baumeister victims.

The search was probably brought on by the case’s recent resurrection and fresh information, which were promoted by the newly appointed Hamilton County coroner. The bones of eleven males were found on the site 26 years ago, but only eight of the men could be positively identified. Authorities now believe new DNA technology may show that the actual number of victims is more than double what was previously believed.

Jeff Jellison, the Hamilton County Corner-elect, expressed some ideas but did not go into detail as to why this probe was delayed for so long.

“Our office didn’t quite have the manpower to do that. I tell people these people were forgotten, but they’re not forgotten any longer,” said Jellison, corner-elect.

It’s suspected that before killing the young men, Baumeister forced them to go back to his Westfield home while they were in Indianapolis gay clubs. Before the police could make an arrest, he committed suicide.

The hunt is scheduled to begin on Sunday at 10 a.m.