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Son in Batesville stabs and strangles mother



Batesville, Indiana – The Batesville Police Department reported that on Thursday, a woman was stabbed and strangled by her son.

Officers were called to the Golden Villa Apartments at 9:00 p.m. when a family member requested that they check on Heather Mulcahy’s wellbeing.

When the police arrived, they found Mulcahy bleeding from stab wounds to her upper body and neck while also finding a bloodied knife at the foot of her bed in her bedroom. The son of Mulcahy, Dalton Hall, was also seen by the police in the apartment building’s corridor. She received prompt emergency medical care on the spot and was flown to an Indianapolis hospital trauma center to receive treatment for her injuries.

Mulcahy claimed to Batesville EMS that Dalton Hall had repeatedly stabbed and strangled her while she was receiving medical attention.

Officers spoke with other witnesses early on Friday morning to gather more information, including Mulcahy’s son from the Hamilton, Ohio region and Abraham Hall, Dalton Hall’s brother. He mentioned Dalton Hall had asked him earlier in the day where he could find a decent knife during the interview with Abraham Hall. Additionally, Mulcahy’s flat and Dalton Hall’s person were the subject of a search order that resulted in the collection of various physical objects for forensic analysis.

In connection with the stabbing of Mulcahy, Dalton Hall was detained by the Batesville Police Department and is currently being held in the Ripley County Jail under a $1,000,000 cash bond.

The case is currently being examined by the Ripley County Prosecutor’s Office to see whether or not criminal charges should be filed.

Allegations are made in this release and the probable cause affidavit. Unless and until Dalton Hall is proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, he is presumed innocent.

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