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Professor at Purdue Global encourages fathers to practice self-care



West Lafayette, Indiana – In the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Purdue Global, Purdue’s online institution for working adults, Danielle Hadeed De Silva teaches.

According to her, dads today confront three main obstacles: time management, work-life balance, and the stigma associated with obtaining mental health treatment.

Hadeed De Silva offers advice on how to deal with these difficulties and acknowledges how harmful they are.

Setting aside time for family is one strategy she suggests for achieving work-life balance. It’s a good idea to schedule some quality time with your family when you are fully present and can give your whole attention to them.

In order to genuinely ensure quality time with each child, she advises dads of numerous kids to schedule specific time for them.

Beyond family time, she asserts that fathers need to practice self-care, and doing so can give them a sense of stability in the midst of difficulties.

“Something as simple as deep breathing for example, which takes no time at all, no one has to know that you’re doing it, you can do it anywhere – I think would really benefit them. It would really help them to stay calm, stay grounded, clear their heads in order to take on any challenges they may be facing, whether that’s work, family life, or school,” said Hadeed De Silva.

She also emphasizes the need for dads to be more receptive to seeking out mental health services. Going to therapy in person or choosing a telemedicine alternative are just two of the many options available for these services.

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