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The Hack Street Boys, an Ivy Tech team, place top 10 in the National Cyber League



Indianapolis, Indiana – A team from Ivy Tech Community College placed among the top 10 for the 2023 spring season of the National Cyber League!

TheHackStreetBoys, the Ivy Tech squad that competed, earned the highest marks in the history of the college, according to a press statement from the institution. They placed fifth overall for the Center of Academic Excellence and seventh overall in the Cyber Power Rankings.

“These rankings capture what we hope every student who decides to pursue a career in information technology does with an Ivy Tech credential – take their education to the next level,” said Chief Information Officer, Matt Etchison.

Students have the opportunity to practice and test themselves against real-world cybersecurity issues through the National Cyber League. Based on both the team performance and the individual student performance, the teams are ranked.

“Our work to constantly strengthen the School of IT’s curriculum design and align it with the needs of our employer partners is equipping anyone with an Ivy Tech credential with the knowledge, agility, and excellence to successfully enter the workforce,” said Etchison.


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