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Puppy left behind at the Indianapolis airport subject of a shelter’s research



Speedway, Indiana – Boeing was abandoned at the airport, and Speedway Animal Rescue is currently investigating the situation.

According to the rescue, a volunteer was contacted about a puppy left behind in a carrier by a relative who works at Indianapolis International Airport.

It seems that the dog, who is currently going by the name “Boeing,” had just undergone body bandaging and surgery to treat a cut on his leg. Boeing, who is four or five months old, may have been bitten by another dog at some point, the rescue team surmised.

The dog was not microchipped, and it lacked tags. But now that he’s neutered, he’s “just a puppy” and “happy-go-lucky.” He seems to have had good treatment.

“There are quite a few scenarios here and we aren’t looking to accuse anyone of anything or place blame,” the rescue said.

Animal activists are hoping that the owner gets in touch with them to share further details.

“You will not get in trouble,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “Your dog is safe. We just want information so that we can keep an eye on his injuries and better understand what he may need.”

According to the rescue, there were multiple reasons why Boeing might have fallen behind. For example, it’s possible that the owner was unaware of the requirements for traveling with a pet or did not have a health certificate.

Boeing is currently secure in foster care.






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