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Woman found guilty of supplying pistol used in the triple murder



Indianapolis, Indiana – After it was claimed that she gave a guy a gun that was used in a triple homicide in 2021, the woman entered a guilty plea and was given a sentence on Monday.

The 44-year-old Lebanon resident Alicia Duff was accused of giving a gun to an ineligible recipient who then used it to commit a murder. Although she was given a nine-year sentence, a plea deal will allow her to serve only six years in the Indiana Department of Correction.

In earlier reports, Duff was charged with purchasing a rifle and ammo for 40-year-old Chad Grimball, which he then used to murder three individuals in Lebanon’s 400 block of East Walnut Street.

The victims were identified as Grace Bishop, 19, Brannon Martin, 20, and Larry Stogsdill Jr., 42, all residents of Lebanon.

Grimball was found guilty of three counts of murder, as well as one count each of unlawful possession of a firearm by a domestic abuser, carrying a pistol without a license, and carrying a firearm without a license. These convictions are documented in court documents.

Later on, he received a 195-year prison term.

According to court records, Duff allegedly said officers that she knew Grimball couldn’t legally purchase or own a gun since she had been found guilty of a felony in April 2016.

Furthermore, video footage from a police investigation showed Duff and Grimball visiting the Rural King in Frankfort, where they are seen buying the weapon less than three weeks before the shooting.

A receipt for ammo Duff signed at a gun store in Lebanon, a week after the couple acquired the weapon, was also included in the purchase records. The two at Walmart were also seen on security footage purchasing a pistol cleaning kit just ten minutes earlier.

According to court records, the shooting was the consequence of an ongoing conflict between one of the victims and Grimball’s companion who was detained on unrelated charges. According to reports, the friend informed the suspect that he was being accused of being a snitch and assisting the police by inmates. He thought the stories were being spread by one of the victims.

Before and after the killings, Grimball and his friend spoke over the phone.

Duff was also given a three-year term after entering a guilty plea to methamphetamine possession, according to court records. The gun charges and the count will proceed simultaneously.





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