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Retrospective of Richmond, Indiana’s Veterans Day Parade in 2023



Richmond, Indiana – On Saturday, as the sun started to melt the ice from the recently harvested fields in Wayne County, celebrations were already in full swing in Richmond.

The county capital held its Veterans Day parade last weekend.

People from all around the city flocked to celebrate those who have served their country at nine in the morning on Saturday.

Before long, the sirens began to sound, and the American flags fluttered in the gentle morning wind.

The spectators’ pride and admiration were evident as the service personnel passed past, waving their flags above their heads. The Red Devils marching band performed during the procession, in addition to the numerous local veterans who were also participating. They honored the veterans of Richmond and beyond with a patriotic salute.

The drums roared and the trumpets blew. Along the procession routes, people also threw candy for the kids. The early morning cold was definitely not a barrier for them when there were free candies and breathtaking views.

After the parade concluded, people in Richmond started going about their regular lives again. As they did, they were aware that our veterans were protecting their freedoms. On days like that, we should also be grateful to the wonderful people who are now serving in the armed forces.

There was plenty of entertainment throughout the town for the remainder of the Saturday, including a winter market. It was also a beautiful day for sightseeing and strolling around the town.



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