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Richmond cancels classes due to a severe power outage



Richmond, Indiana – There is a widespread power outage affecting the residents of Richmond.

As of 8:50 a.m. on Tuesday, over 12,000 customers were without power, according to the Richmond Power & Light website. Significant outages occurred in less than an hour, with RPL estimating roughly 1,750 by 9:50 a.m.

RPL stated that roughly half of its system was powered on and that it was separating its system from an “outside source that is experiencing problems.” According to the utility, circuits in other locations were now being restored.

The utility called this a “regional outage” and mentioned that Centerville, Liberty, and Hagerstown were also experiencing outages in a previous social media post.

“We are working to restore as quickly and safely as possible,” RPL said. “We are experiencing a widespread outage.”

Crews were evaluating the situation, according to the utility.

Mayor Dave Snow of Richmond stated that the local power agency did not seem to be the cause of this problem. According to Snow’s social media post, Richmond and the neighboring areas were experiencing a “major transmission issue.”

Parents were advised by Richmond Community Schools to get ready for the possibility of an early release.

For the next thirty minutes, pupils will remain in school buildings, according to the district, so that the utility provider may “address our countywide power outage.”

“If power is not restored by 9:15, we will begin measures to dismiss students,” the district said in a message on its website. “Please be ready for possible early dismissal.”

A social media warning stated that classes at Indiana University East were canceled until noon. Later this morning, the university will reevaluate the circumstances.

According to Wayne County officials, the disruption caused a one-hour delay in Tuesday’s vote.




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