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Shreve wins the primary for mayor and discusses his intentions for Indianapolis’ future



Indianapolis, Indiana – Jefferson Shreve, a candidate for mayor of Indianapolis, is outlining some of his plans for the future of Indiana’s largest city in the wake of his victory in the Republican primary on Tuesday night.

Joe Hogsett, the incumbent mayor and the nominee for the Democrats, will face Shreve in a runoff election in November after receiving 66% of the vote.

Shreve visited Daybreak on Wednesday to discuss his strategies for tackling some of the major problems facing the city, such as crime and public safety.

“It is said that the newscasts start and end our day so often with the flurry of squad cars responding to a shooting event or some other violent crime in our city and we’ve become almost numb to it. We’re so accustomed to it and that’s not the way it should be in Indianapolis,” Shreve said.

According to Shreve, a large portion of the emphasis under his administration would be placed on employing more police officers and “beefing up” patrols.

“For a community of our size, we need to get our sworn officer to count up to provide robust protection to our citizens’ life and property,” Shreve said. “This is not a fiscal challenge. This is a human challenge. It will allow us to pivot from this reactive posture that we have on public safety to proactive.”

According to Shreve, his administration will also put a big emphasis on fixing the city badly in need of repaired roads.

“Our thoroughfares are in rough shape, but it’s our neighborhood streets that suffer the most and have had the least love through the years. And, yes, we’ve got to figure that out and it is the biggest fiscal challenge that will face Marion County over the administration ahead.”

On Tuesday, November 7, Shreve will compete against Mayor Hogsett in the general election.