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A teenager from Indianapolis accepted into a national leadership program



Indianapolis, Indiana – An Indianapolis adolescent is getting ready to participate in a nationwide ivy league program to explore career options.

Junior at Pike High School, Caleb Mitchell will take part in Yale’s summer Envision National Youth Leadership Forum Business program. Mitchell was chosen from among hundreds of applicants nationwide after being nominated by instructors and others in his neighborhood.

He is well renowned for his leadership abilities, passion for business and marketing, and ability to motivate others. He is the youngest member of his family. He hopes to pursue a career in marketing in college, therefore he is looking forward to this program’s opportunity to obtain practical experience.

“This was something I wanted to do. It wasn’t one of those regular college letters coming through the mail. This is a program to help you see what you really want to do as a career. I went over some of the course descriptions, and it sounds competitive, and I love being competitive. But, I love having fun with learning at the same time, so it’s just a taste of everything,” Mitchell said.

Caleb has pushed himself to succeed in school despite losing his father at the start of high school.

“I’m grateful for the lessons he taught me growing up and the people I’m surrounded by to help me push toward things I want in life,” Mitchell said.

It is one of the many programs provided by WorldStrides that allows students to explore their interests and experience learning outside of the classroom, according to the Envision website.

Mitchell works at Indiana Sports Crop in the Marketing Division and is engaged in an apprentice program run by EmployIndy.