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Skeleton Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift generate eerie buzz in Zionsville



Zionsville, Indiana – This Halloween season, Zionsville’s streets are being treated to a taste of superstardom in both sports and music. But here’s the twist: they’re superhuman skeletons! People are taking notice of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, or rather, their skeletal 12-foot-tall versions of them.

The creator of these enormous skeletal figures is Michal Owens. Now, on a Zionsville street, Taylor Swift, dubbed “Skaylor Swift,” rises tall. The skeleton is wearing Taylor’s well-known blue sequin dress, complete with her signature blonde hair and jewels.

Skaylor Swift’s creation wasn’t an easy task. Owens worked long hours to make sure every little thing was perfect.

“The hair was a big deal; that’s three wigs sewn together, they had to have the bangs,” Owens explained.

That was not the end of the show for Skaylor Swift, either. This week, Travis Kelce’s skeleton, complete with a mustache and a ’87 jersey, became the newest exhibit piece. The two seem to be replicating the recent news-worthy bond between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, which surfaced after Taylor attended his Sunday game.

People halt to take pictures with the skeleton famous couple and to marvel at their inventiveness. Owens urges people to take in the pleasure, and if it’s not to their taste, that’s also alright, as many are finding delight in this eerie and entrancing exhibit.





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